Monday, April 12, 2010


The Kind of Philosophy Everyone Will Understand.

Last week, my friend Shannon & I went to Sephora (@ Downtown Disney) just to try a few makeup samples and then move on to the next thing on our schedule. To our pleasant surprise, when we made our way around to the bath/skin care section, we found Philosophy. Philosophy is by far one of the best skin care lines I've seen or smelled in a while. Reason for that could be the huge variety, the detailed scents or the really cute packaging & names of products. With that said, I think everyone should give this brand a try. Its a little pricey, but a lot of their shampoos are listed as shower gels and bath bubbles. What I'm saying is that they're all-in-one products. Super yummy smelling shower products make me happy so I'm just as happy to spread the word about this company. Philosophy offers both individual products and cute gift kits for special occasions such as bridal parties, birthday parties, weddings, and so on.

Friday, April 02, 2010

There's hope for me yet!

So my goal for Spring Break this week was to finally get off my lazy butt and look for a job. I'm super excited because I got a second interview scheduled for this weekend and I may have a job by the end of this weekend :)

I'm optimistic and I know I can get this job. I hope i'm not being overconfident.
xoxo A.