Sunday, October 29, 2006

silly slap

lindy hop cures me
when im feeling sad
it lifts me up
the people welcome you with open arms
i understand its language
west coast swing leaves too much time to think
faster paces dont let the mind wander to anything but more dance
so the conclusion of this statement is
that if i want to be happy, i should do lindy hop more often.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sleep in Silence

i want to see science of sleep
we will see science of sleep
i have nothing insightful
i just have been doing a bunch of STUFF
to fill time, as it ticks
i have a three page paper to write about the dance concert i saw before going to Boogie.
my dog has his own recliner
and hes my old man
slumping in his chair
curling in a ball
he almost disappears in the chair
because theyre the same color.
i love this weather
i used to hate it
but i just need things to WEAR in this season, i own 4 pairs of shorts...and now i need to invest in those expensive things calls warm jackets.
im gonna try sporting my homemade keelac beanie
with curly hair
because thats cool...
Danny Hamamoto is a cool person
keiko matsuyama is the bestest friend any person could possibly ask for