Sunday, September 24, 2006

"I know what you're thinkin, oh you rich bitch"

So the Written House show was so amazing.
It was great to see Evan and Jai, and i didn't think Erick remembered
me, but apparently he did since he came up to me and gave me a hug.
He's really tall.
So we laughed, and danced, and sang.
I'm glad Sarah came with us.
Amazing. I can't get over it.
im really tired but i cant really go back to bed because ive been up for like 2 or 3 hours.
hahaha. im lame.

your gifts won't win me over, it's over

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hide and seek

is my new favorite song
i have a two page paper due tomorrow
and im really feeling insecure about it.
i havent really written much at all,
but at least its double spaced i guess.

"where are we?
what the hell is going on?
dust has only begun to form
crop circles in the carpet"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Something Meaningless

Do you ever get the feeling that you weren't cut out for school and your life is just this big gigantic social fiesta? Well, that's how i feel. Big ass fiesta. I just think while im sitting in my lectures, that I really shouldn't be there. I'm not someone who listens to lectures and actually gets anything out of it. And my notes..oh man theyre so bad. none of it ever makes any sense unless my teacher has a powerpoint leading the ideas and then i can expand with whatever the teacher has to say. I just feel purposeless and it's like im going through a midlife crisis already. ugh.

I have this study guide that i should probably start filling out because i dont know anything about the test that i have to take tomorrow in Public Speaking. To be honest, all i care about concerning tomorrow is seeing Jodi, Shelley, CHel and Molly for the movies.

I wish my brain could retain useful information and somehow this paper that i have to write can just appear out of thin air. <3
i dont know anything about the structure and process of government and how it effects the decisions made on gay marriage. what the freaking jell-o mold man.

oh well. this weekend will show if i have what it takes.
good job.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Strawberry Yogurt O's

So right now, I am avoiding reading for Cultural Anthropology. I love being in that class for all the lectures, but the reading is interesting only half of the time. Ugh, Someone has been eating my Strawberry Yogurt O's From Trader Joes. They were so good and I never got to try them with milk. =[ I'm too lazy to go buy another box because if i'm going that direction, I might as well just go to school to save gas. Sad story of my life.

I really want to find out where I can get a job application for Red because a job there is sounding pretty good right now. I think I would have a great time. =] and I would get the first peak at everything new that arrives there. Im pretty sure im their most loyal customer who has been shopping there since they opened the damn place and religiously buy something almost every month. Goodness. hahaha. sorry. Im just really wanting an income because when i see my first 150 disappear from my account, it scares me that it isnt refilling itself.

I have a paper to write today. It has to be less than 2 pages so thats a definite relief. I have another paper due Monday, I would like to get it done by Thursday so i can have my teacher look at it and kindof make some corrections...but what they hay. Whatever happens, happens. My head is currently clogged with mucus and ummmm other brainey things and I am really not liking this.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Hector Lives On

So im avoiding my reading that I should do before classes tomorrow.
Just letting you know though, despite being sicker than a dog could ever be, im so happy that my day turned out to be a great one. I can't quite comprehend that I went to school today AND did everything that I did.
Don't you love that feeling you get after you clean someone else's room? Well I do. haha.
So many people have asked me what I am doing friday. ahhaha
i have these options:
-Find a party to go to with Maria
-Go to West High's First football game
-Go see The Last Kiss and Hollywoodland with Jodi and Shelley
-respond to the random text I got this morning.

so despite the runny nose, i think max is coming to visit me tonight to watch some more comedy tour. im happy about that. he always makes me feel better. hugs=good stuff.

well I'm glad I got to try out this new blogspace and I hope I keep it up.
love you cupcake.