Friday, June 26, 2009

More New York!

Im sitting in the portion of the room that is considered the dining room, between the bed in the common room and the kitchen. basically the only table to use my computer on :)

Havent really done anything today yet, but this week has been fun so far.

Tuesday we went to Bedford Ave. and walked around all the shops in Williamsburg. I bought a new skirt/dress, belt and cool high tops. Came back to the house, chilled for a bit, and went to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked all the way towards Queens, to the other side of the river, and looked at the Manhattan/Brooklyn skyline. AMAZING. and im proud of my camera for capturing it properly. Found a convenience store called Peas & Pickles and bought some chips to munch on. Taxi driver couldnt figure out how to get us we walked BACK on the bridge. it started raining. Keiko and I sat on the roof of her building for 3 consecutive hours after that and had the most amazing ketchup talk ever. <3

Wednesday we dilly dallied around the house and Eric and keiko worked on a speech for a SGI Buddhist meeting. Went to the meeting via subway. Met some amazing people. Went to Times Square and ate at Dallas BBQ. Ate the biggest burger of my life. I think we watched Billy Elliot when we got home...either did this Wed. or Tues.

Thursday we went to St. Marks Place and ate at La Orlin restaurant. Had an amazing humus and falafel plate. Bought a really cute ring at this really overwhelming jewelry store. Saw some guy in a nice car who looked like Johnny Knoxville and the car was European car (drivers seat on the WRONG SIDE). haha the Subway cars were all packed to the maximum and there were armpits in my face. Went to another SGI Buddhist meeting for the Bushwick district. Met some amazing people who have a lot of genuine compassion and welcomed me to their meeting. Went dancing at Frim Fram and met up with Rhoni B. and Dave G. SUPER fun.

Now its Friday. walked around on my own for a little over an hour. ended up raining for about 5-10 minutes really hard with thunder and lightning. it hurt my head. walked down Metropolitan ave. from Lorimer to Driggs ave. really enjoyed the sights at my own pace with not intentional destination. Finished walking when i found a cute comic book store called Desert Island. now we're back at the apt. on Hemrod. chillin with beer on the fire escape. <3

xoxo A

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