Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York

help im alive, my heart keeps beeting like a hammer- Metric

 I tried going to sleep 3 hours ago and I just can't seem to get to it. Im tossing and turning, my throat is feeling scratchy....maybe, possibly getting sick, and this couch might be a little bit too small for me. I feel terrible that I'm possibly doing a little bit of complaining right now because i have only been here for a few hours, but feeling sick on vacation and not being able to sleep through it is a little rough. 

While I was flying out here,  The clouds reflected the most beautiful sunset. The clouds looked like pink dust in a fairy tail book. beautiful.

We watched Dan In Real Life when we got back to the apartment because I got in too late to really do anything in NY on a Monday night. Classic Keiko/Amber movie.

I don't know what could be better than the feeling of seeing your best friend in a different city across the country and knowing that everything will always pick up exactly the way it left off with you. It felt REAL fucking good to see Keiko and Eric across the pickup station at JFK. I seriously dropped everything and ran to them. 

My first meal was nothing particularly special to NY, Wendy's chicken nuggets, but it tasted SO New York. hahah

If I can't sleep tomorrow, i'll continue my NY recap. xoxo amber

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